As a captive agency who represented only one company for 6 years we saw first hand the limitations of an agency that can only write through one company. We started Anderson Insurance Agency to give our clients more options and to better suit their needs. We have done the research and found good solid highly rated companies that are competitive in every situation, including the following:

  • Individuals with excellent credit and an excellent loss history.
  • Individuals with teenage drivers in the household.
  • Individuals with average to mediocre credit history that other companies are no longer competitive with.
  • Individuals with a poor driving record (tickets, accidents, suspensions, etc…).
  • Rental properties with or without accompanying business.

Additional Advantages of Choosing an Independent Agency

We have set our agency up to meet every need that we could think of that could possibly arise.

One additional advantage that an independent agency provides is the ability to shop your rates if the company within our agency that you are insured with happens to have a rate increase. Many clients find it troublesome to go through the hassle of digging up all of their information and giving it out to numerous individuals that they don’t know in order to get a quote every time their insurance rates go up. You don’t have to do that with us if your rates happen to change. You just call us up and ask us to check within our agency to see if we can find you a better deal. That phone call is short and easy. You can’t do that with your captive agent.

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