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About Anderson Insurance

Who Are We?

Anderson Insurance Agency was created in June of 2004. Prior to becoming an independent agency, we spent six years writing as a captive agency. We made the decision to become an independent agency so that we could better serve our clients with much more competitive products. The move has allowed us to provide the best coverages with the best rates through highly rated, financially stable companies. Our experience combined with our company alliances give us a distinct competitive advantage.

What is Our Goal?

Our goal is to build relationships that last a lifetime. Understanding the needs of each client is important to us and we want to invest the time into each client to understand their needs so that we can make sure they have a solid insurance package for their particular situation. Our commitment to relationships and the use of some of the best companies in the industry are what set us apart from other insurance agencies.

Why are our rates so good?

To give us the ability to provide competitive coverages for a variety of clients, we have worked hard to find companies that specialize in different segments of the market. Most insurance companies focus on a certain type client and only write competitive rates for those types of clients. We have found nine solid, stable companies that are looking for and competitive in different segments of the market. No matter what situation our clients face, we can find a competitive rate that will fit their needs.

Another key to our rates being so competitive is that companies using independent agents to write their business don’t have to pay three or four layers of agency management. By using independent agencies, insurance companies do not have to use the premiums they collect to pay those layers of agency management. Instead, they can put all of that money back into their rates to make them more competitive.

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